With our head office in Northumberland, Countylife specialises in individual developments at high quality locations throughout the north east of England.

Our sites are carefully chosen for their desirable locations within easy access of areas of outstanding beauty, but close to the centres and amenities of village, town and country.

We specialise in small developments, often within conservation areas, and pride ourselves in being sensitive to local surroundings.

In consultation with planning authorities, local councils and residents, we have transformed derelict brownfield sites into exciting, meticulously detailed, award-winning new homes.

Great care is taken to ensure that the building materials we use reflect the heritage of local townscapes, with our architect designed properties carefully planned to blend with the character of the immediate area.

We love our home but always wanted to create a modern, open plan living space. Countylife helped by taking our ideas then designing and developing a thoroughly new layout which we are absolutely delighted with.
Lydia & Phil Kite, Countylife Bespoke